2 August 2020

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Dr Ian McLauchlin



1. Exeter Quay.

2. Gandy St.

3. Countess Wear Roundabout.

4. Other side of Exeter Quay, Haven Rd.

5. Barnfield Theatre, Barnfield Rd.

6. Exeter Central Railway Station.

7. Royal Clarence Hotel before it burned down.

8. Artwork on gable end, 229 High St, plaster on brick with design chiselled through white plaster to show underlying brick. After the wartime blitz, all the old buildings to the north east of this gable end were destroyed, The new replacements were built set back from the old, leaving this cement-rendered gable end.  In 2011 the City Council commissioned Portuguese artist, Alexandro Manuel Dias Farto known as Vhils,

(See  http://www.streetartbio.com/vhils and


to cover earlier tired murals with a new one. He asked locals to submit photos of themselves and one submitted by Hollie Jay Storer was chosen. The image was first painted on the wall and then accentuated by chiselling.

9. Marks and Spencers

10. St Stephen’s Church, High St.

11. Northcott Theatre.

12. Part of Roman wall, Princesshay shopping centre.

13. Princesshay Garden Apartments.

14. Statue on Cathedral Green “Richard Hooker 1553-1600” Born in Heavitree, he became Rector of Temple Church London and was an influential philosopher and theologian. He is reported to have had nothing in particular to do with the cathedral!

15. Phoenix Centre, Gandy St.

16. Exeter Riddle Scupture (obelisk), High St. Made by artist Michael Fairfax, it has alternate ‘wings’ with verses from the Exeter Riddle which date back to ~960AD. A careful choice of extracts was made as they were either too long or too obscene. The verses can be read by looking at their reflection in the adjacent wing. Between each pair of wings is a polished stainless steel sphere on which is engraved the answer to the riddle.

17. Exeter St Davids Railway Station.

18. Royal Clarence Hotel, Cathedral Green, after the fire and in the course of demolition/rebuilding.

19. Pedestrian entrance to Exeter Quay car park, Western Way.

20. Statue outside Princesshay Garden Apartments, Southernhay, by Axminster sculptor David Holland. “The Universal Pilgrim”  To all those on a journey towards a Tolerant, Equal, Humane and Peaceful World. Erected by Exeter City Council on the initiative of Councillor Dr Suaad Genem-George, 19 November 2015.